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MAN ON THE STREET: What’s Hot, What’s Not? Mercer fashion trends


Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 10.11.46 AMAlthough it’s the spring semester, unfortunately the winter weather is still with us. Here are the winter 2012/spring 2013 trends.

A lot of students (even faculty) are now wearing long chic trench coats, nice leather(or pleather) jackets and luxe fur trim coats. Adding fur to almost anything now-a-days can make it look elegant or just plain old messy.

Not only are students dressing for the winter season, they also seem to be highly anticipating this spring. Floral prints are in again along with black and white this spring season.

Mercer has finally introduced a Fashion program for all of those who are obsessed with fashion and everything “pop.”  The program was introduced in the fall of 2012. The program has been developed to help students gain experience and helps to prepare students for careers in fashion/apparel sales, marketing, buying and merchandising as well as design.

The Fashion Program coordinator Allegra Ceci told The VOICE in an interview she is “inspired by some of the fashions [she sees] on Mercer students.” Following, “Many of the students in my program have a unique and individual style, but I also see this across both campuses and in many departments.”

Ceci also said that she wishes students dressed more formally. “I like to see college students dressed in business casual, since I think you should pursue education as you would a career. I guess I am old-fashioned in this respect.”

Ceci also believes that fashion in general can express a ton of things. “Fashion may be a form of artistic expression, a celebration of culture or a political message. Even those individuals who think they are not participating in fashion per se are making a conscious decision to express an idea via dress, so no one escapes this part of material culture. I love it.”

Students seem to agree with Professor Ceci when it comes to how MCCC students are dressing up.

Criminal Justice major Jeidy Cepeda said  “Fashion here at Mercer is all about personality. If it fits then wear it and if you’re wearing it, ROCK it.”

Bridget Dincer, an undecided major at Mercer,  said to the VOICE “There are a lot of fashionable people here. Fashion is a sense of style and style is basically expressing yourself through your clothes based on how you’re feeling for that. Everyone has style.”

Summer Beasley, a Fashion major at Mercer said “I feel as though there can be a work of improvement for the faculty and students here. It appears that Mercers’ staff and students are too busy focused on work and their studies than what to wear the following morning.”

Rashawn Jones, a MCCC alum who helped coordinate a fashion show for the Go Green Club last Spring, told the VOICE  “Fashion here at Mercer County College has evolved quite a bit over the years. Students are now becoming more confident and comfortable with themselves. Examples of such confidence can be seen in the way they express what they feel fashion is and they seem to be experimenting with originality.”

Fashion is more than throwing clothes on. It’s also a reflection of how people want to represent themselves as. It also goes along with nonverbal communication. I personally think everyone has a personal style but, let’s just face it, some personal things should be kept personal.

No one should come to school with Ugg boots that all of a sudden look like bedroom slippers.This is not fab. Another problem is that people wear clothes that don’t fit and that are just plain inappropriate and offensive.

Let’s not hold our breaths but hope for the best and have faith in our fellow students and hope they get it right for this spring weather!

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