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Twist yogurt in Princeton is a little piece of heaven

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The first time I visited Twist yogurt on Nassau Street in Princeton I went with two little children and the satisfied, yogurt outlined smiles on their faces told it all. They absolutely loved it, which was no surprise since that same smile was plastered on my face the whole way home.

Twist typically has only seven flavors of yogurt and a flavor of sorbet available, which is something I would usually complain about.  However, when you’re in line with your cup getting ready to pour out the delicious and creamy yogurt, this thought won’t cross your mind.

What’s great about this shop is that it is all self-serve. You choose how much yogurt you want and what you want to put on it. There are numerous toppings available, everything from chocolate syrup to Sour Patch Kids. And for those who are watching their weight, the best part of all is that all of the flavors are either low-fat or fat-free, meaning you can enjoy this frozen treat guilt-free.

One thing to be mindful of is the fact that you pay by the ounce. This is not that bad since you get your money’s worth, but the fact may not cross your mind as your happily drenching your yogurt with mounds of candy, fruit, and syrup.

Another thing to be mindful of is the fact that you have to pay with cash. Cash only can be a hassle, but there is an ATM close by. One time when I experienced a cash shortage the cashier very kindly put my frozen yogurt in the freezer so it would not melt before I got back from the ATM.

The drawbacks are few and are only minor inconveniences considering how great the place is and everything it has to offer.

dWhat makes it so appealing is not just the yogurt, toppings, and fair prices, its also the atmosphere. There is a lounge area with artwork from local artists the walls; the artwork sophisticated, not generic, and is for sale. They also have a television and books and games for children. There is dim lighting in the lounge, to create a nice family atmosphere.

Samantha Moreland of Hamilton, NJ is a Twist regular.  She raves, “I love Twist because it is so unique. The decorations and colors grab your attention. They offer great flavors of yogurt, all of which are delicious. They provide so many options for toppings from fruit to candy which is great because you can indulge or stick to healthier options and not feel guilty. Twist truly is awesome.”

The customers aren’t the only ones who are happy.  Lisa Moen and Julia Beckmann, employees of Twist, say they enjoy their jobs and agree with the thumbs up I give to Twist. Beckmann says, “Twist is a great place because people can get what they want and pick and choose their toppings.”

If you like frozen yogurt, a trip to Twist is worth the effort to find parking in Princeton. Twist is delicious, satisfying, a little piece of heaven.

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