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TOP 5: Mercer’s Cafeteria

Sam Foster

I find myself stuck on campus for lengthy periods of time. Either out of laziness or just having too many obligations here on campus I end up eating in the cafeteria more frequently than I would like.

The West Windsor campus cafeteria offers a decent variety of food, but not exactly what I would call smart choices. The prices are alright. The down side is that they only accept cash or the meal card.

So when I feel that emptiness in my stomach, I grab my meal card and go on a mission to find something that will pleasure my taste buds without making me feel like I ate a bomb.

I’ve tried a fair amount of the items offered at the cafeteria and here is a list of my favorite things to eat there.


5. Mongolian Grill $5.00

The great thing about the Mongolian Grill is that you have control over the ingredients and the sauces so it’s totally to your tastes. There’s usually good selection of veggies and meats.

4. Cheesesteak $3.75

Sure, there are better cheesesteaks around but when you only have a few minutes between classes or only have a meal card it’s a filling option, and the price is ok.

3. Buffalo Chicken Wrap $4.00

I like spicy food, so the Buffalo Chicken Wrap fills that spicy food craving. To punch up the spice, I add banana peppers, blue cheese dressing and hot sauce.

2. Salad Bar $.36 per .lbs

At $.36 per pound and with a pretty decent selection of toppings including greens and proteins like grilled chicken and boiled eggs, it’s a fairly healthy alternative to the cafeteria’s less healthy chicken nuggets, pizzas, burgers, and fries. So if you are a vegetarian or feel like you need something healthy, go for it!

1. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $1.25

These are literally and figuratively a hot item at the Cafeteria. They go pretty fast so get them when you see them. They’ve got a great texture, the perfect combination of chewy with a little bit of crunchiness from the oats. The raisins add a nice sweet and sour counterpoint.


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