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Black Girls Run is a running group of African-American women seeking a healthy lifestyle


By:  Mariana Braz & Jaqueline Goncalves Black girls don’t run. Or do they? On the one hand, some of the nations most famous runners have been African-American women, from Florence Griffith-Joyner to Marion Jones. But in concrete terms, African-Americans are not well represented among long-term runners who participate in events and train year round. They…

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SEX ED: What’s in your wallet?


NOTE: With this article The VOICE debuts our SEX ED feature. Based on sad findings in a sex survey of Mercer students taken in the fall 2012, the editors worked together to devise a way to address the shamefully inadequate education our students have received about how to care for their sexual health.  Then the…

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To cure poverty, empower women


During the most recent presidential election cycle, pundits on both sides of the political aisle insisted that voters paid too much attention to “social issues” and not enough attention to economic issues. The truth is that the “social issues” often are economic issues, a fact made clear in our cover page story on the forces…

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Speaking at Mercer, Anita Hill calls for racial and gender equality


Anita Hill, Senior Advisor to the Provost and Professor of Social Policy, Law, and Women’s Studies at Brandeis University,  came to speak at Mercer’s West Windsor campus Wednesday evening May 2. Hill spoke to a packed house, though few students were in attendance. She addressed a range of different issues and discussed her new book…

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Women’s cross country becomes a team


This season, the women’s cross country team became the first scoring team at MCCC in twenty years. Last season the women’s cross country team only consisted of two runners, and in order to officially score in the race a team has to have at least five members. This year the team has expanded to seven…

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Future looks good for women’s soccer: debut game is 8-0 blow out


With 13 games behind them and five games remaining in the regular season, the 5-8-1 Lady Vikings have won five out of there last six, and still have a fighting chance for a crack at the post-season, after starting of the 2011 season 0-8 with one tie. Former Mercer tri-athelete a first year coach, Michelle…

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