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After DACA, what’s next for Dreamers?

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There are more than 800,000 children whose families brought them to the US from other countries when they were little, but then overstayed their visas. The children, commonly known as Dreamers, are undocumented, and while they are allowed to attend public schools through high school, after that things get much harder. Many colleges won’t accept…

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On diverse campus, anxiety over immigration bans and deportations


Exactly one week after his inauguration, President Donald Drumpf signed an executive order temporarily banning travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. The ban, which the White House later revealed had not been run by officials at the Justice Department, set off a chain of chaotic events. The ban affected green card…

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New policy a temporary measure to stop deportation of undocumented citizens

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Massah Keita, a Criminal Justice major at Mercer, knows she was born in Liberia, but can’t remember how old she was when she moved to the United States. Today, she is a citizen. Keita’s cousins however, who also arrived in the United States as children, are now fighting to stay because they are undocumented. “It’s…

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