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Gun violence in Trenton is cause of death of five Mercer students since last year

Five Mercer students have been murdered since September of 2012. All five lost their lives due to gun violence in Trenton. The dead include: Ruschell Fireall, 42, a former student, who was a Criminal Justice major through 2008, was shot multiple times outside of her car following a high speed chase by her attacker on…

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The new MyMercer portal has been launched as part of the Project NASA


MyMercer, MCCC’s online portal for students, has been updated for future semesters beginning with Summer 2013. Project NASA is the name given to the project that involves switching the system that students currently use to log in, check grades, make payments, etc. The new portal, which is actually called “Colleague” (comparable to “Blackboard”), went live…

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DaddyGreenJeans: not your typical “local scenester” band

  Classifying themselves as an “improv/jam/rock/funk/blues mixture,” the band DaddyGreenJeans, based out of Trenton, consists of Louie Borcsik (Guitar), Kevin Rovner (Guitar), Tim “Lenny” Rura (Bass) and Adam Gray (Drums). They released their self titled debut in 2008, with the next album having a planned release date for May 2013. Borcsik and Rovner are both…

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Don’t hate your job, get a degree and a better job


If you’ve ever hated your job, this article is for you. Stop sacrificing your dignity in order to meet someone else’s bullshit definition of “work ethic.” Is there a point to working when neither the responsibilities nor salary are motivating? Hell no. Those who dauntlessly show up for their 40 hour per week beating silently…

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Do students with learning disabilities get the support they need?


Mercer has a total of 650 of students with unique learning needs. These students have various re- sources within the college, from tutoring to special accommodations, to help them succeed in their academics. The only thing missing is well prepared professors to handle these studentsneeds in class. The VOICE conducted a survey of 16 professors…

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REVIEW: Mercer fitness center vs. the competition


  The Mercer fitness center is free to students and staff, costs $35 per month for locals and includes a multi-purpose workout area for strength training and cardio, a swimming pool, and large basket- ball gymnasium. The VOICE set out to review the school’s fitness center and to see how it stacks up to other…

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