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Mercer’s student restaurant good fare, great price


This semester, students in the Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management program have presented several “restaurants” in the eatery space in ES 111. They have created meals that can be enjoyed by students, faculty and the broader community for 8, 10 and 12 dollars respectively. Patrons have been able to enjoy high caliber meals that are…

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Mercer students rolling with “molly”


  Written by: Stephen Harrison, James Reslier-Wells and Ken Napier “It peaks for probably 3 hours, 4 hours, where you’re rolling face and everything that you touch just feels like an orgasm… the sensation of other people is just ridiculous,” says Mercer student Stewart, describing the sensation of the height of a MDMA high, which…

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Gas lines long, tempers short


Several long lines of cars stretched down the intersection of Route 27 and Allston Rd in the Kendall Park section of South Brunswick Township on Wednesday Oct. 31, all destined for the BP gas station at the corner. Another line of people with gas cans stood on the BP’s premises waiting to get gas for…

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MCCC spends $160,000 on big new signs


Written by: Laura Pollack The week of February 27, Mercer completed a project to install large digital display signs in front of both entrances to the West Windsor campus and smaller electronic signs in the student center. The project, which cost 160,000 dollars according to Mercer’s President Dr. Patricia Donohue, has faced a mixed response.…

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NJ’s strongest students invited to Trenton to witness vote to cut their funding


Written by: Laura Pollack Student ambassadors from the nineteen community colleges in New Jersey gathered at the state house in Trenton on Monday, March 5 to watch legislators vote on bill A1176 which would drastically cut their scholarship funding once they transfer to four year colleges. The students, including three from Mercer, watched as state…

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