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Pornography is killing us

Pornography: a topic usually brought up amongst close friends, when alone in your bedroom or between you and your hand in the dark depths of the night. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that pornography is not the outlet to explore your sexuality, it does not give women one more step toward…

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Bring back Jose Canseco and Barry Bonds: we need more steroids in major league sports!


Professional athletes who want to use performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) shouldn’t face penalties. The athlete’s body is the source of their income as well as their own property. It is their right to choose how to train and condition themselves for competition. Sporting events, especially those at a professional level, are nothing more than entertainment.…

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Vegetarian diet may be a challenge but it has benefits.


The decision to adopt a vegetarian diet may come from a lot of different reasons: the need to lose weight, control cholesterol, perhaps the belief that animals should not be killed in order to serve as food to the human race. In any case, going vegetarian may be a challenge but studies have shown the…

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52 percent of Mercer Students are depressed according to survey


By: Mariana Braz & Emily Lukasewycz Maybe you’ve walked the halls of Mercer and seen a student crying or staring off into space with a painful look on her face. Maybe you’ve noticed the kid at the back of the class with the dark circles under his eyes who does nothing but stare the floor. Maybe you’ve worried about a comment a…

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Masturbation has many health benefits


NOTE: This column provides the second installment in The VOICE’s new sex ed feature. Based on sad findings in a sex survey of Mercer students taken in the fall 2012, the editors worked together to devise a way to address the shamefully inadequate education our students have received about how to care for their sexual…

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REVIEW: Mercer fitness center vs. the competition


  The Mercer fitness center is free to students and staff, costs $35 per month for locals and includes a multi-purpose workout area for strength training and cardio, a swimming pool, and large basket- ball gymnasium. The VOICE set out to review the school’s fitness center and to see how it stacks up to other…

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