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Friends can be found even on commuter community college campus, if you look


A common complaint heard on campus is that people come to class and then immediately leave for home or to work. That’s true. This is a commuter school and not everyone has time for socializing after classes. But there is community here if you bother to look for it. “It really has to do with…

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Community college worked for Tom Hanks and me; it can for you, too


What do James Dean, Eddie Murphy, Tom Hanks, you and I have all have in common? We have all attended community colleges. Community colleges can be more than just a cheap way into a degree. I am originally from Brazil and English is my second language. I already had finished my Bachelor of Arts in…

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Students who transfer from four-year to two-year colleges face graduation obstacles


Catherine Wherry of West Windsor Township, remembers anticipating the day that her college acceptance letter would come in the mail. Wherry felt if she got into her first choice school, Moravian College, then all of the hard work and late night study sessions of high school would have been worth it. She says she remembers…

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MCCC spends $160,000 on big new signs


Written by: Laura Pollack The week of February 27, Mercer completed a project to install large digital display signs in front of both entrances to the West Windsor campus and smaller electronic signs in the student center. The project, which cost 160,000 dollars according to Mercer’s President Dr. Patricia Donohue, has faced a mixed response.…

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