Small turnout for psychic mediums


Last weekend two VOICE staffers went on assignment to cover a psychics convention in Doylestown, PA. We arrived to find half a dozen psychics and a few lonely vendors wandering dreamily around the James-Lorah Memorial Home, a historic building with an open auditorium space. They were carrying everything from essential oils to tarot cards.

In the small reception hall there were six physics, each assigned a table by host, Elizabeth Joyce, who, incidentally, predicted a Clinton victory last November. Joyce sent attendees to the psychic she felt would help them the most. But there weren’t a lot of attendees. It’s not clear if anyone predicted that.

Passing by one of the booths, a woman reached out and informed us that we are in the “baby stages of the 5th dimension,” which will last for over 20,000 years. Apparently, this will give us the power to access the “8th through 12th chakras.”

A book, authored by Joyce, lying on the table informed me that the chakras have “seals” with names like “Libra”, “Infinity” and inexplicably, “E=MC(2).”

Also, it seems like when I achieve the 12th chakra I will obtain the sutras of “teleportation” and “Father.” This news left me somewhere between confounded and terrified of whatever “Father” is.

Joyce has been a psychic for over 30 years, training under a half dozen mediums like Mata Amritanandamayi, (or “Amma” for lay people), the Hugging Saint. Joyce has hosted these gatherings for ten years as a charity event.

Sharon Kahara, a psychic from Long Branch, said of Joyce: “She is one of the top psychic energy worker healers.”

Say what you will about psychics, their hearts are in the right place. This year’s charity was the Twilight Wish Foundation, which is like the Make a Wish Foundation but for the elderly.

Spokesperson Annabelle Wood said of Twilight, “The foundation is all about helping seniors achieve what they have never been able to achieve before.”

To make a wish you have to be 65 years old or older, but you do not have to have a terminal illness. Wishes can be anything from a special trip to a useful item like a hearing aid.

Periodically throughout the event there were guest speakers, who spoke on everything from “Om” bowls, to the pyramids, to new spiritual chakras. The different talks were given on the stage to the back in front of the crowd of four people.

There were other people besides physics at the event, mainly vendors who sell items related to spiritual health and wellbeing. A women named Luna was selling authentic Tibetan Singing Bowls, otherwise known as “Om Bowls.” When they are rubbed on the sides they create a single note that sounds like their name. Each bowl has a specific note, and each person’s ears are known to have a certain note played for them and only them. The bigger the bowl the lower the note. Other vendors were selling tea leaves and essential oils.

In an interview with fifth generation psychic Kailei Paige she described her first time seeing a dead person. She says she was channeling with a client and she kept seeing an image of an old woman with her hair dyed pink. Channeling is the belief system that everyone has spirit guides or guardian angels.

Another psychic in attendance was Celeste Oliver. She is a descendant of the Fox Sisters, 19th century psychics known as the “Founders of Modern Spiritualism.” The sisters’ interest in connecting to another plane created great controversy among their family members. Celeste is a channeler. She also lets people know their loved ones are still out there.

“You do it for the greater good of the person in front of you,” Celeste told The VOICE.