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REVIEW: Asbury Biergarten: A taste of the Old World at the Jersey shore


Resembling an old, weathered factory with its red brick walls and charcoal color stairs, the Asbury Biergarten in Asbury Park, NJ is hard to miss. Upon entrance customers are given two menus where they are able to choose their drink from an array of 80 percent imported, and 20 percent American craft beers, and an authentic Austro-Hungarian food menu that will make customers feel like they are vacationing in Europe.

Asbury Biergarten was opened on Feb. 7, 2015 by three friends and business partners. The each say they had a different reason for doing so.

For Andre Ivanov this is not his first Biergarten; he also owns Radegast Hall & Biergarten and Pilsener Haus & Biergarten which are both in Brooklyn. The idea of a biergarten is not unfamiliar to him. For Jennifer Lampert, her involvement was by chance and opportunity, and for Jaro Marcin, his involvement hits closer to home. He was born and raised in Slovakia,  and later moved to America in search of the “American Dream.”

Serving entrees like garlic smoked Polish pork sausage with sour pickled cabbage, among other sausage varieties and bratwursts, it’s no wonder how the Asbury Biergarten transforms the feel of the restaurant.

First-time customer, Brian Hugn and wife Alisa, from Barnegat NJ, said, “We love trying new places together, and the food here is definitely new and interesting. But I have also been to Germany and taking the first sip of beer brought me right back to that trip.”

Another customer, Lourdes Torres from Westchester, NY, told The VOICE “the beer keeps me coming back,” adding, “Asbury Biergarten is the summer hangout because it’s refreshing; they know what is cool and the service is great.”

The staff is not only personable and helpful, they are also very knowledgeable about European culture.

Bartender Ryan Cornell from Asbury Park, NJ, says if a customer comes in wanting a certain type of beer “the staff is very good at matching you to what you want.” He continues, “it’s all about establishing trust with your customers, and to do that you must engage with them in a different way.”

The College VOICE also asked staff what they thought set Asbury Biergarten apart from all the others, “we are very attentive and make sure our customers know we are paying attention,”said Sarah Mohamed server staff.

Marcin says, “[the Biergarten] reminds me of my young age in Slovakia.” He continues, “I live this passion because I am beer freak; it’s not alcohol, it’s a refreshment.”

The Asbury Biergarten has communal seating, imported beers, and authentic European food, which keeps customers coming back. It’s not the cheapest spot for college students, but it’s got a lot to offer. Find it at 527 Lake Ave, Asbury Park, NJ weekdays from 4pm-2am and weekends from 12pm-2am.


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