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Princeton’s PJ’s Pancakes



Written by: Britt Curry


PJ’s Pancake House, located right on Nassau Street in Princeton, has the perfect cozy atmosphere and large portions to make it a delightful place to stop for breakfast.

Pj’s Pancake House on Nassau St. in Princeton is a local institution that serves up traditional diner fare in a pleasant atmosphere.

Despite the growing Saturday morning crowd, getting a seat right away was not a problem. The seat was located right next to the open kitchen area where the aroma of freshly prepared food hit me as plates were being served to the other customers.

The room was filled with Christmas décor as lights hung from the

walls. Accompanied by this was classic Christmas music coming from overhead speakers further adding to the mood. The overall atmosphere of the room was quiet and light, with a look and feel that made you feel like you’re at home.

There was also an outdoor area that housed a couple of chairs and tables facing the street which provided a comfortable option for those who can’t be seated inside or want to sit out in the fresh air while observing the streets of Princeton.

The service at PJ’s was professional, well-organized and friendly. The waitress brought the food in a quick and timely manner and was efficient and friendly. The food was prepared very quickly, in less than 10 minutes, and was mostly hot.

Once the food arrives, the first thing you notice is the sheer size and amount of the pancakes on the Full Order. The Full Order of pancakes comes with five large pancakes as opposed to the Half Order’s three. The pancakes were very large and filling, so it’s best to go with the Half Order unless you’re planning to eat the pancakes in multiple sittings.

The “Old Fashioned Buttermilk Pancakes” ($8.50) were fluffy but had heaviness to them. The stack was large and hot, steaming on the plate it arrived to the table. They were almost too filling as I cut about just under a third of the stack and I was filled up immediately. The flavor was a nice egg-like taste where the egg was clearly overpowering the flour; However, this did not stop the pancakes from tasting good.

The side of bacon ($4.75) was crisp yet soft with a smoky flavor to it. Each piece was between warm and hot, chewy and was easily broken up. The fat on the bacon was warm and complemented the soft meat on the strip that was a delight to eat.

The side of sausage links ($4.75) were soft, hot and seemed to be cooked just enough that they were not overcooked or burnt but had a slight crisp texture on the outside. They were soft on the inside and very easy to chew.

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