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Women’s Marches inspire locals and some students to activism

Stay-at-home mom Elizabeth Meyer of Somerset County. Formerly a teacher Meyer told The VOICE: “I got married, I had two little girls, life became so busy. I didn’t really have the time to pay attention….I [was] more worried about getting my girls off to school in the morning or how we’re going to pay the… Keep Reading


On diverse campus, anxiety over immigration bans and deportations

Exactly one week after his inauguration, President Donald Drumpf signed an executive order temporarily banning travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. The ban, which the White House later revealed had not been run by officials at the Justice Department, set off a chain of chaotic events. The ban affected green card… Keep Reading


REVIEW: Vegan food and coffee at The Moth in Allentown, NJ

The Moth Coffeehouse is a small, family owned vegan/vegetarian restaurant located in Allentown, NJ overlooking the Conines Millpond. The vegan fare at The Moth sets it apart from other local establishments. They serve everything meat and dairy free, including vegan egg salads ($7.75), chickpea sliders ($8), and regular coffee ($1.85/$2.85) to Reese’s Cup cappuccinos ($5)… Keep Reading


Enrollment decline corresponds to higher tuition

Mercer County Community College’s enrollment has gone down again, according to an Enrollment Trends data chart that was updated January 2017. Credit hours and headcount at the West Windsor campus have dropped. An Enrollment Trends chart that compared headcount numbers and credit hours between the 2015 and 2017 school years revealed that headcount is down… Keep Reading


Increase in opioid deaths strikes New Jersey

Matt Carvin describes himself as a carefree, happy go lucky person before addiction entered his life. He became addicted to Percocet at age 18 and everything changed. Carvin’s story is only one of many stories of people from New Jersey who have also had to battle opioid addiction. Carvin, now a 24 year old Hamilton resident… Keep Reading

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