Nino’s Pastry Shoppe: The best sweets you’ll ever eat


The best cake, doughnut and butter cookies I ever ate came from Nino’s Pastry Shoppe, located at 3800 Quakerbridge Rd, in Hamilton, NJ.

The cake was a chocolate and vanilla three tier wedding cake that was so moist it just melted in my mouth,. It was covered with a vanilla, whipped cream icing that was so light and fluffy it was like biting into a cloud of creaminess. The filling was fresh, sweet, ripe strawberries on top of a layer of decadent chocolate mousse.

Sarah Benson of New Castle, Delaware said, “At most weddings the cake is beautiful to look at, but not good to eat, this cake was beautiful and it was really, really good.” The cake soon became the center of attention, standing out more than any of the food that was served at the reception.

Sherman Hendryx of Hamilton, NJ was also talking about the cake and he said, “The food was great but the cake took the cake!”

As for the doughnuts the best is the Butter Cream which looks a little like a hamburger! My first thought was that it would be really sweet because of the huge mound of butter cream icing smacked between the plain donut that is cut in half like a hamburger bun and sprinkled with powdered sugar on top.  The donut is so light and airy, soft on the inside and a little crispy on the outside. The butter cream is creamy, fluffy, and light but not at all too sweet.

The butter cookies are bite sized buttery, flaky, crispy wonderful little delights that just melt in your  mouth. You can really eat a whole lot of them because they’re not too sweet.

Nino’s is an Italian bakery and has been in business for 16 years. The shop is small with showcases on either side housing cookies, brownies, individual cake squares, donuts, and bread loaves.

When you enter the shop the smell of sweets overtake your senses, then there are rows and rows of different treats, to choose from such as tiramisu, cannoli, napoleons, and eclairs.

Although no one at Nino’s was willing to be interviewed for this article, according to Nino’s advertisements everything is homemade and hand made from scratch.

Nino’s also has reasonable prices on their items for example a double layer half sheet cake, with filling  that can serve 50+ people starts at only $57, and donuts starting at $1 each.

Nilomee Patel, a customer of Nino’s Pastry Shoppe who has been buying pastries there for about two years, says, “Nino’s is the best bakery in the area, I don’t really go to other ones.”