New shuttle service to Quaker Bridge Mall

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Mercer County Community College has a new shuttle bus service that will take students from the West Windsor Campus to Quaker Bridge Mall at various times throughout the day.
John Simone, Assistant Dean of Student Services and Director of Athletics, is the driving force behind this new shuttle route. Others that were involved in getting this  project together include Susan Bowen, Vice greg-bus-driverPresident of Finances, President Dr.  Jianping Wang, the Purchasing Department, Senior Reporter Marketing Department, and the Board of Trustees.
According to Simone, this service became available because the route from Princeton to Mercer’s West Windsor campus took too long. The route was initially on schedule to depart from downtown Trenton, then get onto the shuttle to get to the West Windsor campus.  The average time it took students to reach the campus was about 70 minutes. Now students are able to cut their commute in half because they no longer need to travel downtown to Trenton to catch the bus. After more research was done, the staff discovered that most students worked at Quaker Bridge Mall and would benefit from the new service that is currently being provided.
          The driver of the shuttle is Greg Green, who has been with the bus company for 10 years.
Mr. G, as the students call him, said that “ the kids been great without any  problems.”
Kevin Lassiter, a Graphic Design major said,“It’s a great idea to have the Shuttle Bus going to Quaker Bridge Mall and back because it saves students a lot of time and money.”