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Midori Sushi in Princeton is becoming a local hot spot

Midori Sushi of Princeton's sushi chefs from L-R, Vincent Ming, Lin Wang and Jun Tao prepare hand rolls and specialty rolls. Photo by Sam Foster.
Midori Sushi of Princeton’s sushi chefs from L-R, Vincent Ming, Lin Wang and Jun Tao prepare hand rolls and specialty rolls. Photo by Sam Foster.

The Princeton North Shopping Center on Rt 206, houses Midori Sushi, where the food is excellent but the price tag is a little hard to swallow.

“This location is the third Midori sushi, all owned by the same people so they know what they are doing” said Jennifer Huang, a waitress at Midori.

Opened a year ago, Midori has been doing well, according to Huang. “The community has embraced the restaurant completely.”

From the exterior the restaurant is unassuming and run-of-the-mill, but inside it is tranquil and modern.

The spicy calamari is a great start for people who like plenty of heat; the more timid may want to go for the miso soup.

If you opt for the Kani salad, don’t expect anything simple or predictable. Bursting beads of caviar compliment the crunchy crab and cucumber paired with a mayo based dressing. It is bliss in an oval shape bowl.

Sushi, steaks and hibachi are all offered here. Among the sushi options, the Lobster Fest Roll is the most expensive, priced at 16$. But you get what you pay for. It is the perfect bite of sweet and tender Boston lobster stuffed with creamy avocado, crisp cucumber and eggs from heaven all wrapped inside of soy paper and finished with a spicy uzu based sauce.

The Midori roll was named after the restaurant so you know that is done right. It includes three mouthwatering pieces of tuna, salmon, and yellowtail inside of one roll.

When this restaurant advertises “Special Rolls” it really means special. From the samurai roll to the caterpillar roll, both the presentation and the taste sensations will delight. Lets just say that the only thing I left on that plate was the flower decoration.

Midori is one of those places that your friends will be glad you told them about. Choose it for a splurge or a special night out (you can order online which is useful for party platters that will wow your guests). Go for the unusual offerings like the “blue crab fantastic roll” that includes bar-be-que eel and avocado. You won’t be disappointed.

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