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Mercer women’s soccer welcomes new coach


Mercer women’s soccer team began this year’s season with new coach, Elyse Diamond.             

Elyse Diamond is a familiar face in Hamilton, as a 1984 alumna of MCCC; she still holds the record for most goals scored (118 in two seasons). She then went on to play for a year at Rutgers University. Not only does Elyse Diamond have experience from playing, but she also has experience from coaching at Nottingham High School for 25 years thereafter. Her two daughters have also attended the college and played in the program, most recently Katie Diamond, who completed her second season last fall.

 When asked what influenced her decision to come to Mercer, Coach Diamond said that it was timing. “I was ready to end my career at Nottingham and I was going to renew my high school refereeing license when this opportunity arose.”

According to forward and second year Radiology major, Giselle Chica: “[Coach Diamond] is a very positive person. Her positive attitude puts us in a good mood and makes us look forward to practices and games,”

Midfielder and second year exercise major, Cassidy Denno adds, “[She’s] very approachable and is so easy to talk to; she understands that school comes first and is always there if we need help.” They each also talked about the mother-like quality of the new coach, and how she takes the time to get to know each girl in and out, in order to expand the team’s strengths.

Team fans are also quick to praise the new coach. Carlos Vasquez of Hamilton said, “She radiates positive energy and is a very calm, collected person which shows through this team. She’s a good coach because she’s able to see potential in a player before they can see it in themselves.”

Some fans like Mani Kissling, second year Liberal Arts major, knew Coach Diamond’s background and added; “[Being a former player] allows her to know the different levels of play as well as the different aspects of the game; she’ll rise to the challenge.” The team’s record of 10-1 suggests that is accurate.

Athletic Director, John Simone welcomed Elyse Diamond as new head coach of the Vikings. She will also serve as a team athletic trainer. Simone says he has high hopes for Diamond, adding, “Success is measured over time not only by performance but by academia, coaching leadership, and the quality of student athletes at Mercer.”

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