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President Obama visits Bucks county

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President Obama focused on plans for clean, “home-grown” energy when he addressed the media and employees of Gamesa Technology Corporation during his April 6 visit to the company’s Fairless Hills, PA location. Roughly 450 people were in attendance, including Gamesa’s North American CEO, Dirk Matthys.

“Hello Fairless Hills…It is good to be here. I was here three years ago, when I was a candidate…I didn’t have as much grey hair then. You guys look great; I’m a little worn down.” said President Obama after being welcomed by the crowd.

Gamesa Technologies is a leader in global energy. Headquartered in Spain, Gamesa designs, manufactures, and installs wind turbine generators in 30 countries. Pennsylvania is home to it’s US headquarters, and two manufacturing facilities- one of which hosted the President during both of his visits.

The president stood in front of an American Flag, inside a factory comprised of tin walls and concrete flooring. Formerly a US Steel plant, the building was renovated in 2006 to manufacture and test “nacelles”- oblong, SUV-sized, cooling systems that sit atop wind turbines, connecting the blades to the structure.

Roads a mile away from the site were closed to the public prior to the event, and attendees had to pass through security officials equipped with metal detectors and bomb-sniffing dogs before entering the building.

The President departed in a military helicopter, flanked by three more of its kind. The four helicopters headed off to New York City where Obama was scheduled to speak at the National Action Networks Annual Gala, hosted by Al Sharpton.

After the speech, President Obama answered questions from Gamesa employees. The media was not permitted to ask questions.

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