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Dean of Liberal Arts retires after 43 years of service at MCCC

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Mercer’s Dean of Liberal Arts, Dr. Robin Schore, is retiring at the end of this year after already have been a teacher or administer on campus since 1973. He says after working 43 years, it was time to retire.

Before becoming a dean of the Liberal Arts Division in 2005, Dr. Schore was an English professor for 32 years. Throughout his time at Mercer, he has always kept an open door policy for his colleagues and students. If you were a Liberal Arts student who needed help in your classes, with a schedule, or anything in general, Dean Schore was the person to go see.

However, Dean Schore is not all work and no fun. In his spare time, he plays the guitar, tennis, and enjoys riding his bike. Yet despite his outgoing nature, he does not have a Facebook account nor has he ever tweeted.

In a recent interview with The VOICE, Dean Schore said his most memorable moments would be his entire time spent at Mercer because there was not one moment he found to be the most memorable during his time here.

When asked what his thoughts were of Dean Schore’s contributions as Dean of Liberal Arts, Dr. Leonard R. Winogora, the William Paterson University on-site coordinator told the VOICE:

“Dean Schore was a valuable asset to the growth of Mercer and the Liberal Arts Division. His long service to the school, his experience, and his common sense has guided our college through good and bad times.”

Steve Richman, Professor of Foreign Languages added his own thoughts, saying “I believe [Dean Schore] has done a great job as the Dean and was a big advocate for the students.”

The person who has perhaps worked  most closely with Dean Schore these past 10 years is Debra Stotland, his Executive Assistant. She said “I will miss his quirky sense of humor” and that she hopes in retirement that he also “enjoy[s] that grandson and many sunny days on the beach.”   

“I will miss his sense of humor, his open door policy, his pre-semester messages when he would keep everyone engaged and make little jokes. I’m shocked to see that he’s leaving and he will be missed,” said Guy Derosa, Professor of Political Science.

Donald Reichman, Coordinator of Computer Science & Division of Business and Technology said “He’s a good friend of mine so, I will miss the professional friendship we have but I’m sure we will still see each other off campus. We both kind of grew up here together.” After chuckling a little, he added “Congratulations! You probably should have retired a long time ago but, you finally got around to it and you will certainly be missed.”

When asked what advice he has for the next Dean of Liberal Arts, Dean Schore jokingly stated he would advise him or her to: “Keep your hands on your wallet and back against the wall. Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

As for who will be selected to be the next Dean of the Liberal Arts Division, the selection process, which has recently begun, is being done internally rather than having it outsourced to a third party.

The search committee has been put together with various faculty and staff members. The Co- Chairs of the committee are Professors Kathryn Paluscio and Andrea Lynch. The committee will be reviewing resumes of possible candidates and a selection should be made in May.

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