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DaddyGreenJeans: not your typical “local scenester” band



Daddy Green Jeans members and Mercer music students Lou Borcsik and Kevin Rovner outside the CM building on the West Windsor Campus. Photo by Sam Foster
Daddy Green Jeans members and Mercer music students Lou Borcsik and Kevin Rovner outside the CM building on the West Windsor Campus. Photo by Sam Foster

Classifying themselves as an “improv/jam/rock/funk/blues mixture,” the band DaddyGreenJeans, based out of Trenton, consists of Louie Borcsik (Guitar), Kevin Rovner (Guitar), Tim “Lenny” Rura (Bass) and Adam Gray (Drums). They released their self titled debut in 2008, with the next album having a planned release date for May 2013. Borcsik and Rovner are both Mercer students who are planning to graduate at the end of this Spring semester.

Borcsik describes the band he helped create: “We are not your typical ‘local scenester’ band. We play mature music for the music lovers audience. Our live shows are never the same. We always bring new tunes to the table at each show, whether it be an original, cover or both. We love turning people on with our music in the sense that they have a good time and experience a live performance that is stated by fans as a $50 show that they only had to pay $5 for. It’s important to us to interact with our audience. We like to connect with them musically and personally.”

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Lou Borcsik: Multi Instrumentalist Lou Borcsik, a 28 year old music major at Mercer, decided he was going to be a musician when he first picked up a guitar at seven. He is a founding member and one of two guitarists for the band DaddyGreenJeans. Borcsik has written the majority of their current material, but “everyone contributes by writing their parts and bringing new ideas to the table,” said Borcsik.

Influenced by The Allman Brothers Band, Umphrey’s McGee, Phish, Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band and Steely Dan, Lou said that if he could play with any band ever, “I would have to go with Steely Dan… but if they didn’t want me, I’d go for The Allman Brothers Band.”

Borcsik says, “Music in general has changed my life and made me who I am today. I can’t pick any bands in particular that I would say impacted me because I love them all so much, but it is safe to say that Professor James Kelly is a huge inspiration to me and he will perpetually drive me to improve as a musician, composer and person for the rest of my life.” Professor Kelly is the head of the Music Department at Mercer, and a guitarist who is currently teaching Borcsik privately.


Kevin Rovner: A 21 year old music major at Mercer, also plays guitar for DaddyGreenJeans. When asked when he decided he would be a musician, he said that he “couldn’t really pinpoint an exact time, I’ve just sort of always known.”

Rovner is influenced by “a list that is way too long,” but if he had to choose three, he said, “…it would be Duane Allman, Jerry Garcia and Trey Anastasio. I grew up listening to and learning their work, so I guess I take a little from each of them.”

Rovner further stated that if he could ever play with any band, it would be “Either [the] original lineup of the Allman Brothers or the Grateful Dead.”

In addition to guitar, Rovner also plays several other instruments. Rovner explains: “I started out as a drummer, and I’ve played bass with a band or two. I’ll play keys if necessary.”

You can listen to Kevin performing in DaddyGreenJeans as well as other projects here:


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