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Pornography is killing us

Pornography: a topic usually brought up amongst close friends, when alone in your bedroom or between you and your hand in the dark depths of the night. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that pornography is not the outlet to explore your sexuality, it does not give women one more step toward…

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Because I’m a journalist, I can’t go home


I thought I wanted to study law but then, while doing an internship for an online newspaper and radio station in my hometown of Chihuahua, Mexico, I fell in love with journalism. As with most places, when you’re an intern your job is to make copies, get coffee and do whatever people ask you to…

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Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman wrote a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey last October–which she made available on her website–threatening the social media platform with “increased regulations” if it did not do more to stop people from using it for “propagating hate.” Although regulating speech on social media that “propagates hate” in general would violate…

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EDITORIAL: The student email switch was a fiasco

“A significant amount of my day is taken up by students not knowing how to log into their Outlook email,” says Ariel Contreras, current Mercer library employee. On Nov. 1 Mercer disconnected student and faculty Gmail accounts from their myMercer portals in order to convert to the new Microsoft Office Outlook programs. The big switch,…

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Murphy promised, now let’s hold him to it!

Phil Murphy was just elected Governor of New Jersey this week. I hope he keeps his promise to make taxes here fairer, and more affordable because as you probably know, New Jersey is way too expensive! It’s our job as the people who elected him to serve us to make sure he does what he…

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