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Google Glass: man and machine coming together

  Star Trek’s Borg were my favorite bad guys as a child. Half-organic, half-machine, bionic implants and cold, calculating disposition made them everything that humanity is not. With their systematic “assimilation” (read: annihilation) of every species they met, they were a delight to hate. Why then, am I so excited about Google Glass, which looks…

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Big Apple Circus goes back in time to entertain modern audiences

Although there were no flames, no human cannonball and no lions, tigers, or bears, the Big Apple Circus’s latest show “Legendarium” offered an abundance of “oohs and ahs” to the crowds who attended when it stopped at TD Bank Ballpark in Bridgewater, NJ February 28 to March 17. The theme of the show took audience…

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World’s top tattoo artists gathered at the 15th annual Philly Tattoo Arts Convention. Some famous artists from LA Ink, NY Ink and Ink Master were present at the event.


The 15th annual Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention was held this past Feb. 8, 9 and 10 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, located on 1101 Arch Street in Philadelphia. Here, some of the world’s best artists gathered to tattoo, pierce and sell art, photography and jewelry. However the main purpose of the event was for artists…

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New Jersey comedian Rich Vos performed in New Brunswick’s Stress Factory

The audience for a show at The Stress Factory in New Brunswick on Saturday, February 2nd. was packed into the club and in a lively mood, with drinks flowing and everyone preparing themselves for a good laugh and an average meal. Rich Vos, a Plainfield, NJ native was the headliner. “Thank you for coming out,”…

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REVIEW: Sexy meets affordable at RHO Ristorante and Discoteca in Trenton

At a community college such as Mercer, the nightlife and social life could be described as shitty, and that’s putting it nicely. However, if you’re 21 and determined to have a good time there is hope. Over the past few weeks I, have been searching for the hot spots where broke college students can stretch…

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REVIEW: Triumph Brewing Company in Princeton is triumphant


Triumph Brewing Company is a microbrewery and restaurant that operates three separate locations in Princeton, New Hope and Philadelphia. The flagship location is in downtown Princeton on Nassau Street and has been in operation for 19 years. The Princeton location has a slender exterior building profile that opens into an equally slender walkway which belies…

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