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New York Comic Con looks to increase minority and LGBT representation

Say “Comic Con” and most people already have an image in their head: A bunch of fat, old, white guys in costumes clearly meant for someone several sizes smaller, with not a woman or minority in sight. But this October 5-8 at New York Comic Con, fans of many different backgrounds came together to celebrate…

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Death of Mercer student Nick Pratico shakes community


The body of Mercer student Nicholas Pratico was found in the woods across Old Trenton Road, dead of an apparent suicide. Although the suicide seems to have occurred on September 20, the day Pratico went missing, according to Hamilton Police Detective Sergeant Brian Schroeder, the body was not discovered until October 23, 33 days later.…

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For Mercer men’s hoops, things can only get better


The 2016-2017 Mercer Men’s Basketball team struggled to stay on the court due to issues in the classroom, and when they were on the court they weren’t exactly the ‘96 Chicago Bulls. Last season’s team won just two games, and just two of last year’s players are returning to the team this season. Guards Dave…

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