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Chinese artist activist Ai Wei Wei’s work shown at Princeton

Joseph Wang and his fiancée, Diana Ho, say they were surprised to see 12 bronze animal heads mounted 10 feet high on posts in front of Robertson Hall, home of Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Policy. The art is that of famous Chinese political activist and artist, Ai Wei Wei. “We…

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HOT BAND: The Skins have old souls

Russell Chell, second year music major at Mercer, has grown into a killer lead-guitarist in the Brooklyn based rock group, The Skins. Chell and his fellow guitarist, Daisy Spencer, have joined with three siblings, Bayli, Kaya, and Reef Mckeithan to form a band with a refreshing new sound. The Skins create a mixture of the…

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Champs in Trenton brings out local talent

Three years ago Scott Lettera had no idea that his passion for video games and Japanese culture would collide and throw him center stage. Now things are different. During the week Lettera (22) is a typical TCNJ student with a Computer Science major, but when he isn’t designing apps for android phones, and playing his…

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J. Cole, David Rush and African rhythms inspire Alpha Diop’s music

Mercer student Alpha Diop, a Communications major from North Brunswick, NJ who goes by the stage name ADH, has been rapping for five years and has created and produced three mix tapes: “Tristate Dilemma,” “Stay in Good Company” and “I Am.” After “I Am,” he says that people became more aware of his work. He…

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Reclusive student finds his voice

Richard H. (he asked not to have his full name used for this article) doesn’t shake hands nor does he touch Mercer’s computer keyboards. Instead, he has grown accustomed to giving awkward fist bumps for greetings and wearing mechanic’s gloves to face the computers and quiet his fear of germs. Richard struggles with paranoia, the…

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