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Jack White is the 2013 ambassador of Record Store Day, which celebrates independent owned record stores in the USA.

In the 1970’s, Prof. Canter of Mercer’s Radio Program found himself drawn to record stores. “I grew up on rock and top 40. So I was buying records all the time. I saved money from my work when I was a high school student so I could buy records.” The article “Record Stores Fight to…

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Mercer alumnus Leon Rainbow uses grafitti art to bring color to Trenton

Donning a gas mask, Leon Rainbow begins work on his latest “throw up.” His movements are swift but steady, consistent in their pace to prevent dripping or underexposure. There is no wasted movement, each time he finishes a line, the next is already underway. The chatter has almost ceased now, and the smell of aerosol…

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New Jersey comedian Rich Vos performed in New Brunswick’s Stress Factory

The audience for a show at The Stress Factory in New Brunswick on Saturday, February 2nd. was packed into the club and in a lively mood, with drinks flowing and everyone preparing themselves for a good laugh and an average meal. Rich Vos, a Plainfield, NJ native was the headliner. “Thank you for coming out,”…

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REVIEW: Sexy meets affordable at RHO Ristorante and Discoteca in Trenton

At a community college such as Mercer, the nightlife and social life could be described as shitty, and that’s putting it nicely. However, if you’re 21 and determined to have a good time there is hope. Over the past few weeks I, have been searching for the hot spots where broke college students can stretch…

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REVIEW: Starland Ballroom: cheap and sketchy, but good

The Starland Ballroom in Sayerville, NJ is a gritty local music venue that makes it possible for community college students to improve their social lives, get shitty and have a good time without completely emptying their wallets. A broad spectrum of musical genres can be heard at Starland and the ticket and booze prices are…

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