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HOW TO: Paint Triangle Nails


Have you ever thought of yourself as someone crafty? I hadn’t, until recently. Over the summer while I had free time, I began to see things online that other people had made and decided, “If they could do it, why couldn’t I?” And let me tell you, most things really are just as simple as…

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Graffiti Jam: Art event brings Trenton community together


As you walk along the left side of Terracycle’s World headquarters you can smell the paint, and hear the aerosol cans clicking as the artists shake them like a baby’s rattle. Loud colors decorate the walls, neon pinks and greens combined with electric blues and burnt orange. On Saturday August 10, the eighth annual “Graffiti…

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DaddyGreenJeans: not your typical “local scenester” band

  Classifying themselves as an “improv/jam/rock/funk/blues mixture,” the band DaddyGreenJeans, based out of Trenton, consists of Louie Borcsik (Guitar), Kevin Rovner (Guitar), Tim “Lenny” Rura (Bass) and Adam Gray (Drums). They released their self titled debut in 2008, with the next album having a planned release date for May 2013. Borcsik and Rovner are both…

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Big Apple Circus goes back in time to entertain modern audiences

Although there were no flames, no human cannonball and no lions, tigers, or bears, the Big Apple Circus’s latest show “Legendarium” offered an abundance of “oohs and ahs” to the crowds who attended when it stopped at TD Bank Ballpark in Bridgewater, NJ February 28 to March 17. The theme of the show took audience…

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Gandhi Garden is one of SAGE Coalition projects in Trenton that uses art to change the city’s appearance

Artwork made exclusively out of skateboard parts was featured at an exhibit called “Hit the Deck” on March 8 in Trenton. The show was sponsored by the SAGE Coalition, a Trenton-based non-profit led by local teens and twenty-somethings whose mission is to “remind those in economically depressed neighborhoods that unity and pride can thrive through…

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Jack White is the 2013 ambassador of Record Store Day, which celebrates independent owned record stores in the USA.

In the 1970’s, Prof. Canter of Mercer’s Radio Program found himself drawn to record stores. “I grew up on rock and top 40. So I was buying records all the time. I saved money from my work when I was a high school student so I could buy records.” The article “Record Stores Fight to…

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