Recent blood drive is no blood bath, but still a success

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Over half of the Community Blood Council of New Jersey’s desired number of blood donors from Mercer showed their support in giving back to the community by donating blood on campus March 26 during Mercer’s semi-annual blood drive.

Although the CBC NJ only met half of their initial expectations of gathering 50 units of blood, members are not the least bit disappointed. When asked if the blood drive was thought to be a success, Kozette Mingo, a Registered Nurse at Community Blood Council of New Jersey.responded said “Anytime you come in [to a location] and get a unit, you’re successful.”

The Community Blood Council of New Jersey’s “Bloodmobile” traveled to Mercer’s West Windsor campus from their blood bank in Ewing with hopes to decrease the on-going shortage of blood currently facing New Jersey.

At 3pm the number of people from Mercer who made a donation was 23. One of those 23 was Mercer student Steve Defilippo who explained his participation saying, “My friend had Leukemia. He said without people donating [blood] for him, he wouldn’t be alive.”

Donors like Defilippo must fill out paperwork before giving blood, however, donation time usually take less than an hour. After the donations are made, the blood travels to the blood bank where it is broken down into three parts, red blood cells, platelets, and plasma, and undergoes a series of 27 tests to ensure that it is safe to use on patients during blood transfusions and surgeries.

For more information about blood donation visit the Community Blood Council of New Jersey’s website at or call 1-866-2-GIVENJ