Where to go for bagels? We have the answer.


Our of all the bagel places in Mercer County there’s one place that stands: Caesars Bagels & Deli on Flock Rd. in Hamilton. This is your one stop shop for good food an excellent hospitality.

Caesar’s is one of the top rated bagel shops on Google and has five stars on Yelp. From fresh bagels to filling hoagies and everything in between, there is something for everyone.

Sezer Ates, owner of Caesar’s told The VOICE, “My first business was in 1993 dry cleaning in New York. Why I started my own business? I always wanted to create things, make things and I want to do my own thing.” He continued, “Before this one I had a carpet business. I was doing [Caesar’s] as a hobby and fell in love with it. I enjoyed it, talking to people, communicating with the community. I loved it so that’s why I said do it.”

Customer service is emphasized at Caesar’s. A regular patron, Rachel Schondel, 20 from Ewing, says, “The service is amazing! They are always so nice and always say ‘hi’ and start a conversation…and they take orders fast.”

Another patron, Nicole Radice, 23 from Yardville, says, “I heard of Caesar’s Bagels through a close friend of mine. The constant friendly and outstanding customer service and quality of their products are what keeps me coming back.”

Ates, the owner, says: “Customer service is very important; we treat [customers] like family.”

Another aspect of the shop that draws customers is its accessibility.

“The location is very close to the RWJ fitness and wellness which is the gym that I go to so I’m constantly driving by. One day I decided to stop and see how the food was, needless to say I became hooked and have been there ever since,” says Joe Kontrath, 21 of Hamilton.

When going to Caesar’s they have three menus displayed on giant flat screens above the counter. Choosing what to get is a challenge because there are so many good options. But if, somehow, nothing on the menu interests you, you can come up with your own idea and they will make it for you.

Part of the reason why the food is good is because the owner eats it himself.

“Everything I have on the menu I eat. My favorite breakfast? I love meat. So it’s pork roll, bacon, sausage, egg over easy, cheese and potato all on a bagel.” said Ates.

As for his employees, Ilker Ceylan who has been working for Sezer for 7 months says, “The best part about working for Sezer is he really has a good personality and working with him is something different every day.” months.

Another employee, Ramil Salamov, who has been working for Sezer for 5 months says, “The best part about Caesar’s, like the job, is the team. We are a full of hard-working people. At the same time they enjoy their job. It’s fun to work here. And here everyone has one goal to do our best job here and make our name #1.”

Consistency is part of the winning combination at Caesars.

Kontrath says, “I know that every time I walk through the door I will be presented with the same excellent customer service and the same delicious food.”