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Zac Santanello

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DaddyGreenJeans: not your typical “local scenester” band

  Classifying themselves as an “improv/jam/rock/funk/blues mixture,” the band DaddyGreenJeans, based out of Trenton, consists of Louie Borcsik (Guitar), Kevin Rovner (Guitar), Tim “Lenny” Rura (Bass) and Adam Gray (Drums). They released their self titled debut in 2008, with the next album having a planned release date for May 2013. Borcsik and Rovner are both…

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Adjunct professors: Valued assets or disposable laborers?


  Most students cannot tell if the instructor teaching their class is a full-time professor who has worked at the college for years, or a part-time professor who comes in once a week to teach a single class. In fact, part-time instructors also known as adjuncts, out number full-timers almost four to one at Mercer.…

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Infini-T Cafe and Spice Souk: Princeton tea room offers refuge for students


Below the busy Princeton streets sits Infini-T Café and Spice Souk, a unique establishment which offers more than a delicious menu of teas and eastern cuisine. Although only a year old, it is obvious that from Infini-T’s inception much thought went into every aspect of the business, from the menu, to the staff, to the…

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There is no room for community at Mercer


A recent VOICE survey of 30 Mercer students found that only 43 percent felt like they were part of a community at the college. Fifty percent said they felt they had grown as human beings because of the socializing they have done here. By contrast, we conducted the same survey (this time with 35 respondents)…

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Mercer’s strongest students now have a place to study


Two years ago Mercer’s Honors Lounge was forced out of its location in the Liberal Arts building to make room for the satellite office of William Paterson University. Space has been tight on campus, and Mercer’s best students did not have a specific study area for several semesters. As of February 8, a new Honors…

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