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Svetlana Craft

Svetlana Craft has 2 articles published.

Svetlana Craft

Russian American in the Age of Trump – The Human Cost of Nationalism and Fear – Part II


One night in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, when I was 5, the police came. This wasn’t anything new considering my mom was always belligerent, drunk and in trouble. I thought they were there for her, but they were there for me. I never saw my mother or sister again after that night. I was put in…

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STUDENT PROFILE: Interview with Colette Leonard James


The VOICE’s ongoing STUDENT PROFILES series explores the lives of individual Mercer students and their unique, surprising, often courageous stories. This month’s installment introduces Colette Leonard James, a nontraditional college student whose academic path was never assured, but who will be graduating in May. Note: Portions of this interview have been condensed, reordered and edited…

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