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MCCC students are unaware of the 102 different scholarships opportunities offered by the college


The deadline for Continuing Studies scholarship application enrollment is going to be extended from April 7 to September 15 beginning in 2014 by the College Advancement Department at Mercer County Community College. Tatiana Dodge, an Administrative Specialist at MCCC, says of the decision to extend the application deadline by more than five months, ‘Some students…

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Gun violence in Trenton is cause of death of five Mercer students since last year

Five Mercer students have been murdered since September of 2012. All five lost their lives due to gun violence in Trenton. The dead include: Ruschell Fireall, 42, a former student, who was a Criminal Justice major through 2008, was shot multiple times outside of her car following a high speed chase by her attacker on…

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Sequestration may affect Trenton Mercer Airport and Mercer Flight Academy

Mercer Aviation students may be impacted by the closure of the control tower at Trenton Mercer Airport on June 7 due to budget cuts from the federal government’s budget sequestration. Located at Trenton Mercer Airport is the Mercer Flight Academy. Students enrolled in the aviation program go to the Mercer Flight Academy to perform their…

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Mercer alumnus Leon Rainbow uses grafitti art to bring color to Trenton

Donning a gas mask, Leon Rainbow begins work on his latest “throw up.” His movements are swift but steady, consistent in their pace to prevent dripping or underexposure. There is no wasted movement, each time he finishes a line, the next is already underway. The chatter has almost ceased now, and the smell of aerosol…

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REVIEW: Triumph Brewing Company in Princeton is triumphant


Triumph Brewing Company is a microbrewery and restaurant that operates three separate locations in Princeton, New Hope and Philadelphia. The flagship location is in downtown Princeton on Nassau Street and has been in operation for 19 years. The Princeton location has a slender exterior building profile that opens into an equally slender walkway which belies…

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Disaster survivor springs to action


When Grace Asagra Stanley, a community nursing specialist, heard about a reception center set up at John Witherspoon Middle School in Princeton to help people affected by Hurricane Sandy, she didn’t hesitate to volunteer. Stanley runs a non-profit organization called The Web of Compassion ( which aims to raise money to help the victims of…

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