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Sara Gatling

Sara Gatling has 5 articles published.

Sara Gatling served as Editor in Chief for The VOICE from fall 2009 to spring 2010. She oversaw and wrote some of The VOICE's most award-winning content. She has transferred to Columbia University.

Community college bullshit was perfect prep for Ivy League


Mercer grad and former VOICE Editor-in-Chief Sara Gatling transferred to Columbia University where she graduated cum laude in 2013 with majors in English and Comparative Literature and Hispanic Studies. Gat has been working steadily since graduation, and is currently paying her dues as she enters the competitive field of staging and prop design.  It was…

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If you put your opinion in print, make it count


As I gathered and read hundreds of different college newspapers that were on display at the College Media Advisors Convention (CMA)  in New York over spring break, I found an unusually high number of opinion articles on lame topics like over-priced grilled cheese and typical tuition complaints. When did we become so boring, I wondered?…

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Faculty Profile: Professor Lucas Kelly


“People have an idea of what art is and it usually involves this blessed group of people that have been gifted this magic that no one else can learn. I don’t believe that; [art is] a learned skill,” says Lucas Kelly, art professor at Mercer. Kelly carries this concept into his approach to teaching: “When…

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Malaga serves up smoking hot Spanish cuisine


As far as ambience, Malaga offers a balanced combination between an upscale restaurant and a homey hole-in-the-wall. The décor is subtle yet effective: brick red walls, simple wooden chairs and tables and white tablecloths; it is this simplicity that lends itself so wonderfully to the atmosphere. A genuinely charming maître d’ escorts patrons to their…

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