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Russ Chizek

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MCCC Vice President Guy Generals Moving on to CCP


Mercer Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Donald “Guy” Generals Jr. will be leaving the college to be the next President of The Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) where he will begin his tenure as of July 1. The CCP Board of Trustees (BOT) ratified the decision to hire Generals April 10 amid protest from…

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Metal band This or the Apocalypse roars through Champs in Trenton


This or the Apocalypse, a five man metal band hailing from Lancaster, PA, threw down at the backstage of the Championship Bar and Grill when they played a set on Friday night, October 4, 2013. This or the Apocalypse is the second national metal act from Lancaster to play at Champs year. Currently touring as…

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