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Noelle Gilman

Noelle Gilman has 3 articles published.

Hardcore parkour: students combine agility and fitness as they navigate the campus


    Miles Applegate caroms over the architectural obstacles surrounding Mercer’s lawn like a kangaroo; one can almost see the springs attached to his black Conversesneakers.  As his lithe body tenses, he prepares to conquer the next barrier; first the paint-chipped handrails, then the cement tiers that tower above. Then he drops casually off the structures,…

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Reclusive student finds his voice

Richard H. (he asked not to have his full name used for this article) doesn’t shake hands nor does he touch Mercer’s computer keyboards. Instead, he has grown accustomed to giving awkward fist bumps for greetings and wearing mechanic’s gloves to face the computers and quiet his fear of germs. Richard struggles with paranoia, the…

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Finally, a musical genre that will make your ears bleed: DUBSTEP


Before pressing play Jessica Hall,  a third year Liberal Arts major at Mercer, full-time employee of Bristol-Meyers Squibb, and mother of two, smiled under her headphones. She was eager to listen to the music her kids liked, a relatively new genre known as dubstep. Then the music began. A small then deep wrinkle started forming…

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