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Mariana Braz

Sandy: the new normal?


    When John and Fwan Deblasi, Milltown residents, heard that Hurricane Sandy was coming towards NJ, they thought they were going to experience Hurricane Irene all over again. “Last year the flooding was the biggest issue. We also lost power for a week,” said Mrs. Deblasi. Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast on Oct.…

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New policy a temporary measure to stop deportation of undocumented citizens

CAMPUS/Election 2012 by

Massah Keita, a Criminal Justice major at Mercer, knows she was born in Liberia, but can’t remember how old she was when she moved to the United States. Today, she is a citizen. Keita’s cousins however, who also arrived in the United States as children, are now fighting to stay because they are undocumented. “It’s…

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