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Mariana Braz

Mercer offers enough parking for students


Mercer’s parking lots are awesome. To think otherwise is ridiculous, illogical, and does nothing more than perpetuate the mindset of instant gratification that plagues our society. On every college campus, there is a list of complaints. Some of these complaints can be easily justified qualitatively (ex. The food in the cafeteria is not good enough),…

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Mercer’s men tennis team works towards the NJCAA National Championship


Tennis is considered an individual sport, but a tennis player needs more than just individual skill in order to be successful. “When I was playing in Yemen, I was chosen to participate in many international championships but with very little support from my club I was unable to participate. That made me feel that even…

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Vegetarian diet may be a challenge but it has benefits.


The decision to adopt a vegetarian diet may come from a lot of different reasons: the need to lose weight, control cholesterol, perhaps the belief that animals should not be killed in order to serve as food to the human race. In any case, going vegetarian may be a challenge but studies have shown the…

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Refund policy prevents students from getting a full refund if they drop out of class once the semester has started


Effective summer of 2013, Mercer will enact a new refund policy which prevents students from receiving a 100% discount once a course has begun. This follows a recent $4.00 increase in tuition, approved by the Mercer Board of Trustees for Aug. 2013, previously covered by the VOICE. The new refund policy, beginning in the 2013…

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Don’t apply for this job unless you have Twitter: new market demands social media


Brian Hahn, a first year Engineering major at Mercer, does not have Twitter or LinkedIn accounts and he does not check his Facebook profile very often. “I haven’t checked it in a while because I don’t have a need for it.” On the other hand, Michael Quinones, a second year Radiography major, said he uses…

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Mercer’s new smoke-free campus policy causes controversy


  Effective January 1, 2013, Mercer is a smoke-free campus. Almost two months since the new smoking policy went into effect, the college community is still trying to adapt to the new environment. Before January 1, students, faculty and staff had access to smoking huts around campus where they would gather throughout the day.  With…

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