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Laymon Flack

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Laymon Flack

From from flying commercial airliners for Continental to teaching chemistry at Mercer, a profile of Prof. Oberly Weber


    Adjunct Professor of Physics at Mercer Philip Oberly Weber grew up in Texas and spent 22 years at Continental Airlines where he flew 767’s and 727’s around the world to destinations such as Tokyo, Hawaii, Papua New Guinea and Guam. When asked what the most interesting thing he has seen in his travels…

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Charity shields homeless during Sandy


To make food bags in the dark for complete strangers staying in motels is one of the projects that people working at Home Front did during Hurricane Sandy. Many of Mercer County’s homeless and low income families were helped by the organization during the recent storm. According to HomeFront’s website, their mission is “to end…

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Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” document is a bad plan for college students

Election 2012/VIEWPOINTS by

Republican Vice Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan has created a document called “Path to Prosperity” in which he attempts to offer some plan to get America’s economy back on track. In the 99 pages of the document he presents elements of a plan, but it is a scary plan, one that is not good for actual…

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