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Jamie Strickland

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Jamie Strickland

Philly’s POD Restaurant provides pricey pan-asian perfection


Once in a while spending some extra cash on a great meal is worth every penny, especially when the restaurant’s décor is equally as awesome as the food. Pod is one of those restaurants. Pod is among many restaurants in the Starr Restaurant Organization. According to, SRO was founded by Steven Starr in 1995…

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A case of the diesels: gas station causes damage during Sandy


During Hurricane Sandy, the high demand on gasoline for cars and generators caused gas stations to overflow with customers, which ultimately prompted Governor Chris Christie to order gas rationing for many NJ counties. Unfortunately for some New Jerseyans, the rush for fuel caused a mix-up at the pumps and they received diesel rather than unleaded…

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Viking men’s soccer team struggles at the start of the season


Mercer’s men’s soccer team lost again on Saturday, September 29 when they played at home against Louisburg College’s Hurricanes from North Carolina. The Hurricanes beat the Vikings 1-0. So far the Vikings have lost seven out of the 11 games they’ve played since the soccer season began in late August. The Viking men’s team has…

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Students scramble to stay in classes when aid doesn’t come through


The Financial Aid office on the West Windsor campus was packed during the first week of the 2012 fall semester. Students fill every chair in the office while others stood, some even outside in the hallway, waiting to be seen. One of these students was Alexa-Rae Martinez, a liberal arts major. According to Martinez, she…

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New smoking ban: right spirit, wrong strategy

Note: This column is part of a point counterpoint debate regarding a new policy to ban smoking on campus. Click here to read the other half.  The good news is smoking has finally been banned from most indoor public places, which is a great start to preventing secondhand smoke, but what about the fresh air?…

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REVIEW: Lucas Ristorante: a diamond in a dump


Lucas Restorante is a charming BYOB restaurant that is, unfortunately, lost in the disgrace that is Country Plaza, a strip mall located off Route 27 in Somerset, NJ between an auto repair shop and another strip mall. Prices at Lucas are moderately high, for example it is $18 for chicken parmesan. On a student budget…

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