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James Reslier-Wells

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Google Glass: man and machine coming together

  Star Trek’s Borg were my favorite bad guys as a child. Half-organic, half-machine, bionic implants and cold, calculating disposition made them everything that humanity is not. With their systematic “assimilation” (read: annihilation) of every species they met, they were a delight to hate. Why then, am I so excited about Google Glass, which looks…

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Andrew Thompson brews beer in memory of his father


Former Mercer student Andrew Thompson began brewing his own beer in 2007. “I was watching the Food Network, and of all people, Alton Brown did a brewing episode and I thought, ‘I can do that.” Thompson told The VOICE in an interview. His first brew being a “generic pale ale,” Thompson worked his way up…

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Mercer’s student restaurant good fare, great price


This semester, students in the Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management program have presented several “restaurants” in the eatery space in ES 111. They have created meals that can be enjoyed by students, faculty and the broader community for 8, 10 and 12 dollars respectively. Patrons have been able to enjoy high caliber meals that are…

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Could your home tattoo make you sick?


According to the website of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Hepatitis C infects more Americans than any other infectious disease, with around 3.2 million current cases. New research is suggesting a possible link between Hepatitis C and home tattooing, a practise that is particularly common among Mercer students. A recent VOICE survey of 35…

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Criminal Justice Club offers K-9 Demo


The Mercer County Sheriff’s Department demonstrated the tactics of their K-9 Unit on the quad of Mercer’s West Windsor Campus at noon on Monday, August 24. The event was sponsored by Mercer’s Criminal Justice Club. “Every fall I’m trying to bring [the K-9 unit] in,” said Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, and Criminal Justice Club…

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Chinese artist activist Ai Wei Wei’s work shown at Princeton

Joseph Wang and his fiancée, Diana Ho, say they were surprised to see 12 bronze animal heads mounted 10 feet high on posts in front of Robertson Hall, home of Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Policy. The art is that of famous Chinese political activist and artist, Ai Wei Wei. “We…

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