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Emily Lukasewycz

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Emily Lukasewycz

Bobby Flay opens restaurant in Princeton Market Fair


Bobby Flay, an American celebrity chef and host of seven Food Network shows, opened a new location of his restaurant, Bobby’s Burger Palace, in Princeton Market Fair on Tuesday, August 28. . Starting at 10 a.m., people were lined up for the opening at noon. At noon exactly, the line had finally started to move…

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Are Mercer students ready for inhaleable caffeine?


Elissa Atabala, a first year Communications major and recent transfer from Texas, has found it difficult to fit all of her school work into her daily life. Early in her college career, she encountered family issues that affected her ability to study. “My grandmother was hospitalized while I was taking four classes. Everything seemed to…

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Good times at Colonial Quoits Club in Hamilton


“Quit your bitchin’ and start pitchin’.” In May of 2000, this became the slogan for the Colonial Quoit Club, a quoiting league based in Hamilton, New Jersey. The Colonial Quoit Club, now one of the most established quoit leagues in New Jersey, has just wrapped up their 2011 season with Mike Cech taking the championship…

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Alchemist & Barrister holds weekly open mic


Famous Princeton pub, The Alchemist & Barrister, holds an open mic night every Wednesday from 10:00pm to 1:00am,  showcasing local musicians who play everything from folk rock to electro-pop, Spanish music to covers of Tenacious D songs. The three hour event takes place at a makeshift stage in the back corner of the intimately lit…

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