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To cure poverty, empower women


During the most recent presidential election cycle, pundits on both sides of the political aisle insisted that voters paid too much attention to “social issues” and not enough attention to economic issues. The truth is that the “social issues” often are economic issues, a fact made clear in our cover page story on the forces…

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On the pages of this edition of the VOICE, you will find stories of how people in our community dealt with the hardships brought forth by Hurricane Sandy, but for many areas of our state the battle is far from over. As reported in Mariana Braz’s “Is This the New Normal,” Hurricane Sandy caused about…

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EDITORIAL: Mercer County Community College undermines student success


Students at Mercer should not have to worry about their safety, should not have to think twice about providing personal information in order to enroll in classes. They should have confidence in the policies enacted by their institution, should trust their administration to follow the law. But it has become evident that we cannot rely…

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