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Dan Povio



The “smoking huts” are gone, and with them, a lot of MCCC’s community. Killing time between classes, for much of Mercer’s student body, used to be a no-brainer: hang out at the smoking huts, get in a debate with students, meet new people, and waste time with dignity. Now we just need a new way…

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Fifty Shades of Feminist Nightmare


Fifty Shades of Grey is a novel by E.L. James, and the latest in lame trends that have taken our country by storm. While usually it is the hearts of teenage girls that the pop culture universe targets by advertising yet-sexually incompetent teenagers with gender-neutral haircuts as sex icons, James’s Fifty Shades trilogy is targeting…

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A professor’s sudden absence vexes college but not students


  Mercer professor Dr. Renee Walker appears to have stopped teaching her classes several weeks into the fall semester. Although the online catalog indicates she is teaching a regular course load for Fall 2012, her students say they have not seen her in weeks and that substitutes are now covering her classes. “She didn’t give…

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Smoking to be banned at Mercer starting in January


According to the newest form of the Smoke-Free Campus policy, starting on January 1, 2013, students will not be allowed to smoke on any “campus grounds or property.” This will include, “but is not limited to, parking lots, athletic fields, playgrounds, tennis courts, and any other outdoor area under the control of the college.” Students,…

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HOT BAND: The Skins have old souls

Russell Chell, second year music major at Mercer, has grown into a killer lead-guitarist in the Brooklyn based rock group, The Skins. Chell and his fellow guitarist, Daisy Spencer, have joined with three siblings, Bayli, Kaya, and Reef Mckeithan to form a band with a refreshing new sound. The Skins create a mixture of the…

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