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Britt Curry

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Britt Curry

Stefanie Palmai is the proof racing is not a “men only” sport


  Twenty year-old Stefanie Palmai of Allentown, NJ is not your ordinary girl. After working 6-9 hours at the “Create Yourself” salon, Palmai mixes her passion with hard work and determination as she races karts in the nighttime. Out of cosmetology school and into a job at Allentown’s “Create Yourself” salon, Palmai enjoys working with…

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Making Mercer a smoke-free campus was the wrong choice


On January 1, 2013, a controversial campus-wide smoking ban took effect at Mercer. When the policy was announced, a few students said they appreciated the idea of a less smoky environment, but the majority either didn’t care about it or were against it. Those who opposed the policy naturally included smokers, but also included students…

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Princeton’s PJ’s Pancakes


  Written by: Britt Curry   PJ’s Pancake House, located right on Nassau Street in Princeton, has the perfect cozy atmosphere and large portions to make it a delightful place to stop for breakfast. Despite the growing Saturday morning crowd, getting a seat right away was not a problem. The seat was located right next…

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