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Amanda Knoblock

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Amanda Knoblock

The nurse is in…occasionally: new nurse on campus five days per semester


Seven out of the 19 community colleges in New Jersey offer health centers where students can get first aid treatment for minor injuries and illnesses, STD testing, physicals, flu shots, referrals and health and wellness counselling. Until now, Mercer hasn’t been one of them. This semester a nurse will be on campus for a few…

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Tuition hikes and increased student fees: in dragon year, no economic relief for Mercer students


Chinese New Year, also known as the “Spring Festival,” marks the end of winter for China and other parts of the world. The exact date of the festival is based on the cycles of the moon but generally falls in late January or early February. The Chinese zodiac rotates on a 12-year cycle with each…

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Moldy walls force Trenton school to close


The children of Jefferson Elementary in Trenton started their first day of school in a building warranting health risks. Parents walked into a slum, finding the conditions of the building to be dangerous to their children. Rumors of moldy ceilings, unclean water, and unsafe walls were among these dangers. As stated by Cecilla Ramos in…

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