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Italian American festival in Mercer County Park turns 14

The aroma of cheese-steaks overstuffed with beef and charred onions filled the air. Opera music drifted from a nearby tent. The rumble of carnival rides and children screaming with joy and too much sugar could be heard in the background. The fourteenth annual Mercer County Italian American Festival was held September 27-29 in Mercer County.…

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New Refund Policy Gives Students Seven Days From Beginning of Classes to Drop Out and Get a Refund


A new student refund and late registration fee policy was approved by the Mercer County Community College Board of Trustees, effective summer 2013. Mercer is now only offering full refunds for students who drop their course before the start date. Full refunds once the course has begun are no longer available. The new policy offers…

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Judges rule text senders could be liable in civil court


Three New Jersey State Appeals Court judges: Judges Ashrafi, Espinosa and Guadagno, announced on August 27, 2013 that text senders, with substantial evidence, may be liable to a civil lawsuit should their message cause an accident. The decision came after the Kubert v. Best case. In September 2009, in Mine Hill Township, NJ, Shannon Colonna…

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