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Hate Speech Guidelines for NJ school sports get mixed reception from Coaches and Officials

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In the fall of 2012 Bergen Catholic and Paramus Catholic played their annual Thanksgiving Day football game. The game, normally a sense of pride in athletics for the state of New Jersey, became a stain on its reputation. During the course of the game Bergen Catholic fans and students taunted the Paramus players and coaches…

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Local veterans struggle to find the path out of homelessness


Note: Names of all Rescue Mission patrons mentioned in this article have been changed at their request; some feared that people knowing they were homeless could prevent them from getting jobs, others had not told family members that they were homeless sought to protect their privacy. The reality of being a homeless veteran The office…

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After Home Invasion, West Windsor Man Wants Wife’s Ashes Returned Instead of Legal Recourse

The ashes of Nancy Farrell Robinson, the late wife of Arthur Robinson Jr.(78),were stolen in a burglary February 20 from their home on Hathaway Drive in West Windsor. The incident took place between 6:30 and 9pm according to West Windsor Police. The thieves stole costume jewelry and a green bag containing the rosewood box with…

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Mercer County Community College faculty picket annual gala to protest contract negotiations stalemate

Each November the college hosts a gala in the Mercer Conference Center to showcase college programs for the community before the board of trustees meets and the president, Dr. Patricia Donohue, presents her annual report. This year the main hall –which usually includes large tables full of edible arrangements, ice sculptures and dozens of faculty…

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Fifth generation funeral director reflects on the importance of Mortuary Science degree

On Christmas eve E. Ross Peppler was at home relaxing, wrapping gifts, when the sound of the phone cut through the holiday cheer. The Burlington County Medical Examiner Office was calling to tell Peppler that they had a body for him to pick up; a young boy had been involved in a car accident and…

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Models like Eliana and Luisel Ramos have died of anorexia: it’s time we regulate advertising that glorifies malnourishment


Ample research has proven that frequent exposure to media featuring hyper thin models has a negative effect on the mental and physical health of young women. Although it is not reasonable to police this sort of advertising in magazines–which are rightly protected by the First Amendment and which no one is forced to buy–public billboard…

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