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Caribbean Restaurant Hot on D Spot feels like Trinidad in Trenton

The second you step inside the door of Hot on D Spot Roti Shop you’re transported from Hamilton, New Jersey to Trinidad’s white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and a warm, tempered sun. The mouthwatering sound of hot oil frying home-made roti dough and sizzling chicken is immediately audible. Beef and shrimp being tossed together…

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Mercer County Community College Baseball team has 5 players recognized nationally

After falling short of the region 19 championship last season, the Mercer Baseball team is returning a lot of talent to and make another run this season. Kevin Kerins’s Vikings had five players listed in Collegiate Baseball Newspaper’s Top 100 Junior College Players in the nation. The list includes Captain Heath Fillmyer. A sophomore and…

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Video game design systematically marginalizing women

The video game industry has a problem with gender representation. But if the media ever hopes to reach its full potential, game developers and publishers need to stop alienating more than half the planets population. Females purchase and play video games, but reflective of the patriarchal society we live in, the video game industry is…

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Trenton Thunder continue legacy of canine batboys

As the Trenton Thunder prepares to start its new season on April 3 in Arm & Hammer Park, the players will be met at the plate by the team’s new bat dog, Derby. Unlike most AAA teams, the Thunder doesn’t have a bat boy to bring each hitter’s favorite lumber up to him. That honor…

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Online courses at campus based colleges may be failing to educate students

When Mercer’s Professor of Education, Dr. Theresa Capra, was in her 20’s she was living on her own, paying bills, working towards her bachelor’s degree at CUNY’s Hunter College and spending much of her time –even her lunch break– commuting to classes on the New York City subway. It was, in her words, “a nightmare.”…

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Lively App may change the future of music

Standing in the crowd surrounded by 50,000 cell phones recording the live performance on the stage, Dean Graziano had already begun planning his newest business adventure. Dean Graziano, founder and CEO of the Lively app and former resident of Mercer County wanted to create a way for attendees of events like concerts or comedy shows,…

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