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Jammin’ Crêpes: A culinary classic reinvented with farm to table flare

Until recently, if you had asked me what a crêpe was, my honest answer would have been a flat pancake quesadilla. Little did I know that those flat pancakes would open my palate to a new world of flavors and ideas. Jammin’ Crêpes in Princeton provided me with that enlightening experience. Jammin’ Crêpes first started…

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Faculty vote to approve new contract terms proposed by neutral fact finder after fifteen month stalemate

After 15 months without a new contract, Mercer’s full-time faculty members have voted to approve contract terms proposed by an outside fact finder after months of negotiations. With approximately 80 percent of faculty voting, the vote taken during the first week of September was 81-2 in favor of accepting the terms which would give a 1.65…

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In faculty contract fight months of negotiations fail to end stalemate over pay and benefits


Students have seen signs posted on faculty office doors and in windows saying, “No Contract, but Still Working” but what do they mean? The full time faculty members, of which there are approximately 100, work based on a contract that lays out annual wages and salary increases, and clarifies how many classes are to be…

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