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PROFILE: Record breaking power-lifter, Adam Burros


Twenty year old Adam Burros, a third year Mercer student majoring mechanical engineering, can lift three times his body weight, and does so daily.

Burros, who is from Bordentown, is just 5’-7” tall and weighs 132 pounds, but he is one of the top power-lifter competitors in his weight class throughout country.

Burros only took to the sport about two years but with the help of Kevin Mosley, President of the Weight Lifting Club, here at Mercer, Burros has been able not only to set state records but national records as well.

Burros says he was not looking for this type of success when he began lifting two years ago. When asked what got him started in the sport Burros replied, “I basically needed a reason to stay in the gym. Training for a competition keeps me on track.”

Burros has successfully shattered all four state records in his division, setting a new state record for benching, squatting, dead lifting and overall combined weight. His resume continues to build as he has managed to set the APA (American Powerlifting Association) record for squatting as well.

Burros’ personal bests include deadlifting 345 pounds, benching 225 pounds, and squatting 315 pounds and he has no plans to slow down. In the upcoming year, Burros says his goal is not only to break records in the USAPL (USA Powerlifting Organization), but to also break the national record for squatting.

At Mercer Burros has already made quite a name for himself in the weight room. Nigel Rivera a third year graphic design major here at Mercer, and familiar face in the MCCC gym, says of Burros, “I honestly didn’t believe his little body could lift that much.”

Mohammed Ahmed a second year Technology major added, “When I walk in the gym and I see this kid lifting every day, I say to myself and my friends that it doesn’t matter how tall or big you are. What matters is the strength you build up. He is the true definition of the word ‘beast.’”

Burros credits his coach, Kevin Mosley, President of the Viking Weight Lifting Club and an experienced power lifter himself, with helping him achieve his records. Mosely says of Burros, “besides the fact that he’s weird, he’s dedicated, willing to learn, and has an open mind to new ideas.” He adds, “as long as he stays injury free he’s going to make a good name for himself in the sport.”

Burros advises anyone who might be interested in joining the sport to, “protect your body, focus on form before worrying about the weight, and always workout with stronger people.”

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