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November 2013


Mercer County Community College faculty picket annual gala to protest contract negotiations stalemate

Each November the college hosts a gala in the Mercer Conference Center to showcase college programs for the community before the board of trustees meets and the president, Dr. Patricia Donohue, presents her annual report. This year the main hall –which usually includes large tables full of edible arrangements, ice sculptures and dozens of faculty… Keep Reading


Donated news truck hasn’t been used yet, but has been busy

A truck donated for use by television students has had a busy few years, although no students have ever been in it. In the summer of 2010 Princeton Video Image Inc. (PVI) donated a mobile television production truck to Mercer for use by students learning broadcast and media skills. With some work, the van would… Keep Reading


Bring back Jose Canseco and Barry Bonds: we need more steroids in major league sports!

Professional athletes who want to use performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) shouldn’t face penalties. The athlete’s body is the source of their income as well as their own property. It is their right to choose how to train and condition themselves for competition. Sporting events, especially those at a professional level, are nothing more than entertainment.… Keep Reading


Models like Eliana and Luisel Ramos have died of anorexia: it’s time we regulate advertising that glorifies malnourishment

Ample research has proven that frequent exposure to media featuring hyper thin models has a negative effect on the mental and physical health of young women. Although it is not reasonable to police this sort of advertising in magazines–which are rightly protected by the First Amendment and which no one is forced to buy–public billboard… Keep Reading


Piccolo Trattoria in Pennington is provides warm atmosphere and excellent Italian fare

Family owned Piccolo Trattoria features both an affordable pizzeria and upscale Italian Restaurant. Located at 800 A Denow Rd in Pennington, Piccolo Trattoria has 12 years of success. Originating in Newtown, PA the restaurant has now three locations including Langhorne, PA. Along with the great food, the restaurant has different elements of italian culture. When… Keep Reading

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